Welcome to Entrepreneurs Inspired.

To best explain this sites “agenda”, we are going to identify┬áthe problem. Then, we are going to introduce our solution.

From there, we can dive into our reaching the target audience, content structure and objectives.


South Africa is not alone in this problem. We are not the only country in the world that is struggling with this unfair distribution.

Wealth distribution.

This is a global problem. The percentage of haves versus have not’s is not equal.

There is also a cycle of retention, where the haves keep getting more and have not’s keep getting less.

This problem, in my opinion is far greater than the needs of the “homeless”. There is a much greater percentage of people that need help to access better remuneration opportunities.


I went to a talk in 2014, where NGO’s helped clarify a very interesting perspective.

It has given me the insight and understanding from the perspective of the have not’s. More specifically, those living destitute in informal settlements (known as “shacks”).

The perspective relates to how this question was answered:

How would you define “poverty”?

Most people I know, would define poverty as “a lack of possessions”.

Those however in poverty, define it as “shame, unworthiness and disgrace”. They actually associate a feeling with the term.

This helped me draw up this conclusion and solution, that the problem in wealth distribution is not giving everyone the opportunity to handle assets or opportunities. *ie- land distribution is not a long term solution.

The problem in wealth distribution is that the required understanding of how to be successful.

If we can connect with those in poverty, and empower them with the understanding that they are worthy to be successful and that they can be successful, I believe that we can see a dramatic change.

This “Understanding of How to be Successful” is a way of thought. Therefore, my solution to address South Africa’s wealth distribution (and all third world countries), is to teach the psychology of entrepreneurship.

I believe my approach to the world is different (and exciting). Different in terms of the fact that I am not going for the over populated “How to become rich quick” scheme. No folks. I am here to empower a far greater solution. “How to become successful and stay that way” scheme.


This is what I have come to realize, building a website, writing lots of strong content (all in English) is not going to meet the needs of those in informal communities.

I agree.

This content though is not only for those in informal communities. This content can help any South African (without discrimination). Rich, poor, black, white, employed or unemployed. Anyone and everyone can test my theories and observations.


For now, my objective is to create content that teaches the understanding.

Once my teaching is up and running, I plan on connecting with an informal community and I plan on teaching these concepts.

Ideally, I want to change lives (for the better). Connect with those that are willing and open for change. Then, I want to build up success stories. With success comes inspiration.

Once we begin building momentum, I want to put this content into different languages and also into user friendly apps. I want South Africans to graduate as Entrepreneurs Inspired.