Chapter 8: Tool of Observation

Now that I have hopefully got my mind ticking over. Dream more and eager to chase opportunities, this chapter changes gear. 

This is a tool I use when dealing with opportunities.

The foundation of this tool comes from this statement:

"A clever man learns from his mistakes. 
A Wiseman learns from the mistakes of others".

Science works on the basis of experiments. Testing reactions and drawing conclusions.

Einstein brought the idea: “For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

This is where observations come in. 

We can learn from other peoples approaches. What works, what doesn’t. 

Watching how some act and others react. This teaches social norms.

We can use the basics of science and learn from others. We can draw conclusions based on work and business relationships.

The tool of observation is empowering and it’s free to use.

They did this and did it work? How did it make me feel? What did I like from the experience and what did I not like? What works and what doesn’t work?

Observation can help answer/navigate these questions.