Chapter 6: What is Success?

Here we are, dreaming big, imagining things we would like to accomplish. We live in a world where anything is possible and our mind gives us the perspective that we can make it happen.

I find it very important to identify and define what “being successful” means.

A common misunderstanding that people have is thinking that having a lot of money in their bank account is a sign of success.

Having money in ones bank account doesn’t make them successful.

So many times in life, people strive to reach this “dream”. The dream of getting millions reflecting in their bank account.

I have seen it happen so many times. When people eventually do reach their dream of having money in their account, enough to allow them to retire, they often find themselves alone. They needed to fight and work hard to make their dream a reality. In the end though, they get the money and find that they are unhappy.

Other people get the money subject to selling their soul to work. These people tend to work crazy hours. They tend to live a life filled with too much stress and nowhere enough reward.

Being unhappy, being stressed, being alone and having money in my opinion is not success.

I had a rich step father once. He had so much financial success but was the most miserable, horrible and stressed man I have ever known. He is not a successful person.

I personally define success as “enjoying the journey comfortably as I work towards reaching my dreams of happiness”.

The way I see it, life is short. It is a fact that we need to take into consideration. When working, it is also important to stick your head up and enjoy the view. Life is all about being a journey, not a destination.

Defining what “success” is very important. That way, when you find yourself unhappy or stressed or alone, you can question yourself. You can challenge your approach and ask “is this a path to successful living?”

I adopt this approach in my relationships and friendships. So people are takers. Some are givers. Some pull you down, others lift you up. I personally am in pursuit of giving my limited time and presence to people that add value. My favourite relationship is one where I leave (after hanging out) and I am naturally happy.

Quality people and quality experiences are so important.

Another big aspect that defining success can be applied is work. Does your current employment meet your definition of a successful life? If so, great. If not, find out what would make you happy? It could be your team members or it could just be the type of work.

Are you doing something that makes you happy?

Living a successful life is important. Aligning your dreams to also align with your definition of success is also important.

I am going to give more empowering tools on how to reach success.

Not only seeing that it is possible to reach success but to also enable the perspective and thinking of how to get there.


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