Chapter 5: Dream Big

OK. Now that we have really begun building, we are also going to pick up momentum.

To recap, we have a foundation that says we cannot fail. We can only learn from our experiences (and get feedback). We have thought about everyone being an entrepreneur.

Now, being presented with the idea: “There are unlimited opportunities all around us”.

This build now stands for: Dream Big

We have begun installing a belief that anything is possible. Opportunities surround us and we can accomplish anything we put our mind too.

This next pillar is important, however many tend to forget its presence at the end of their build. We sometimes need reminding of this.

With the momentum of living a life where anything is possible, it is not in your best interest to have a small dream.

You are not going to get the most of our life by aiming low. You are going to get the most out of life by aiming high. You will see more and go further if you have a big dream.

The next concept will help us focus on and align our dreams and aspirations. For now, though, this dream serves to reinforce that you can accomplish greatness. You can experience some radical things.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf quote
“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

This is what got me started.

I thought my dreams were big. As I went down the path of thoughts I found myself challenging my concepts to go bigger and bigger.

I consider this the valley of life.

The opposite of this thought process is:

– There are not enough opportunities out there.
– There are not enough jobs out there.

If you do not dream about opportunities and improvements, you can easily get caught in the valley of death.

Valley of death = “A negative place that doesn’t see that there is more out there to experience”.

In terms of dreams and opportunities, I have the following declaration:

There are unlimited opportunities in the world.

Anyone who states that there are no opportunities available doesn’t know this fundamental truth.

When you have a dream to strive for, an African proverb comes to mind.

How does one person eat a whole elephant?
One bite at a time.

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

I personally have some out this world dreams. I want to balance wealth distribution. I want to build my own town. I want to privatize the public sector. I want a factory. I want to mass-produce a product and create jobs.  I want to build my own mansion.

If you have dreams and the thought of accomplishing them doesn’t scare you, then  I challenge you to ask the question: “then what?”

What happens when your dream is reached? What is the next level? What is the end picture?

Spread your wings. Don’t hold back. Be empowered knowing that greatness is possible.

On more recent experience, I started my own company in 2010. Full time, fully dependent on my own business.

I started out with a big dream.

In 2016, I met with a long term friend who sat with me and gave me a McDonald’s moment.

McDonald’s started out with their biggest dream. Franchise the world.

An investor met with the then business development manager and said, “you got the wrong business model”.

This was the moment I had too.

The investor told the McDonalds bus dev that they have a real estate business that rents out land to its franchised tenants.

The big picture that the bus dev started with got blown up. The bus dev started with their biggest dream and it got even bigger.

I too started out with my biggest dream and got told of a different direction to follow. Same business, just a different approach.

Be encouraged. Dream big and head out on your path.

The perfect start.

I have friends sold on the idea of being their own boss. However, when asked when they will take the plunge, timing often says that the timing is not right.


As if there is a good time to start.


I say the sooner, the better.


Stepping into the world of self-employment is like signing up for a new course. A new school of lessons that need to be learnt.


The later you start the course, the later you begin learning key skills.


There is no right time. There is only now.


There are hurdles that need to be crossed. It takes practice. It takes effort and hard work.


Don’t hold back from learning. Don’t hold back from starting.

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