Chapter 4: Unlimited Opportunities

Today’s lesson: the world we live in has endless opportunities.

I personally do not know why people do not get excited about this. It is a fundamental rule in life that people seem quick to neglect.

Right now, you can create something. Anything. Make something from nothing. You can provide a new service. Come up with a new product.

You are surrounded by opportunities. These opportunities are limitless. They will never stop.

This is a core philosophy that we are building upon.

To recap (and reinforce) we have a foundation that says that there is no failure. Only feedback. Hopefully, we agree that everyone can be an entrepreneur. Now we build on Endless opportunities.


A guy came up with the idea to offer a taxi matching app (UBER). Before that, the service (specifically that one) did not exist. That guy (random stranger for now) is testament to the fact that he just created something from nothing.

Facebook (another technology example). There are so many objects around us that have been created. So many services that get created.

Coke-a-Cola is an example of a product that was just created. It has constantly evolved through the years but it started out as a product that someone just invented.

I personally stand before you, as a man who came up with a brand name. Bought a website, created a logo and started selling a service. I created a business out of nothing. I have since created jobs and invested more and more services to offer people.

I have seen others do it and I have tried it myself and the theory works. You can create anything you can imagine.

Remember we live in an exciting world with endless opportunities. I hope you are getting quite exciting folks. There are so many possibilities. So many opportunities to create things. It constantly surrounds us.

Right now, taking one’s perspective into consideration, you can begin to hopefully see the world from a different angle.

One where you are free to learn and try new things. You cannot fail if you try something, instead, you only receive feedback. Also, you can get excited that opportunities surround us.

We have one chance at life. One opportunity to give it a go.

If we don’t take risks, if we don’t chase opportunity, we could miss out on experiencing success.

To hammer in this “one life, live it” philosophy, we have to accept the following truths:

  • We were all born.
  • We grow old (relative).
  • We will all die.

The important aspect though is looking at elderly or frail. Near the end of their life journey.

When asked about regrets, they don’t say they wished they worked longer hours or even say that they worked harder.

Rather they say they wish they took more risks. Chased more opportunities. They think about the opportunities they missed, rather than the ones the took.

We can learn from this. We can be more open to taking a chance.

This chapter addresses endless opportunities that exist.

Endless food combinations to taste, places to see, wine to drink, music to listen too and books to read.

So much to do, so little time.

There are also endless business opportunities. 

People can make something out of nothing and make money from it.

Codes can be put together to make programs. Raw materials can be pieced together differently and new products can be created. Service providers can invent services and sell them.

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