Chapter 2: Failure Doesn’t Exist

OK. At this stage, you have agreed that a change of perspective can only do good and that you are open to seeing the world from a different perspective.


The foundation of my philosophy rests upon this statement.

I am here to tell you that failure does not exist. In your approach to life (going forward from here), you need to agree that the term “failure” does not exist.


Dictionaries have this term captured in their vocabularies (so theoretically the outside world knows of this term) but as a successful person, or a person in pursuit of success, I do not acknowledge the term.

I only know of “learning feedback”.

Therefore the change in perspective is this:

Failure does not exist. There is only feedback.


In a world where failure does not exist and feedback is the only thing that we can count on, we can begin to look at our lifes’ journey as a series of lessons. As opposed to our lifes’ journey as a series of mistakes.

This approach to life enables improvement. It empowers us to grow and learn more. We can now step forward, even if the world might say at that point in time “we failed”.

Feedback gets us asking the question “why didn’t that experience work out?”. This is forward moving thinking. As opposed to “OK, I failed and I won’t try that again”.

I try things. New things, new challenges, new ventures. Most of the time, first time round, it does not work out. When things do not work out, I get feedback. I learn why it didn’t work out and I get up and try again.

Being afraid to fail is what holds back so many people. They worry about what others might think. They miss out on opportunities. They stay stagnant. They stop growing.

The fear of failure leads to death. It kills life.

If we embrace risk, if we step out of our comfort zone, if we try new things, we learn. We grow. We live.

Moving forward in life is so important.

This concept lays the foundation of my philosophy.


I like this foundation and way of thinking and I hope you do too.

It is something to think about and I want this concept to sink in. Let this change of perspective be your foundation.


In a world of unlimited opportunities, failure doesn’t exist. There is only feedback.

It didn’t work out that time, why? OK, learn, move on.

No one fails. They only experience lessons to learn from.

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