Chapter 12: Making Money Is Easy

By now you can see I have referenced some commonly heard of sayings or philosophies. 

A saying I came across is that:

Making money is easy“.

Hey!?! What?

If it is easy, then I want to quickly make some.

What the author was actually saying was:

John McAffee makes the bold statement that has shaken me to the core (from a young age).

Making money is easy.

In life, you sometimes have to go down the path before you can relate to what the author was saying.

Now that I have built up a successful business, I know know know what the author was saying.

I was guilty of focusing on the first part of the discussion. Making money is easy. How does that work?

Only once you have built up your own business and generated income from your business can understand that making money is easy. 

Keeping money is challenging.

Having gone down this path, I believe the full statement should look like this:

Making money is easy. It is easy once you have worked hard to develop a business that works well in meeting clients needs.

The difficult part now, once your business is operational and generating a constant income, is working out how to keep funds in the business.

It is not as easy as it sounds.