Chapter 11: Continual Improvement

The mind shift continues to go deeper into this chapter.

Using observation as a tool for improvement, identifying systems that exist and knowing that there are endless opportunities, this next chapter really drives forward motion.

A challenging thought that I practically ask every day is: “how can things get done better?

How would I do that better? If I was the owner of that company, I would do things this way.

Identify, plan, execute and review.

Continuous improvement process (abbreviated as CIP or CI), is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once.

In my business, things started to get busy (2 years in) and I needed support. My wife quit her job and joined forces.

She wasn’t my first employee but she was my greatest team member.

Anyway, in joining me, she learnt key entrepreneur skillset. 

There is no perfect start.

Once my wife had settled into understanding my business offerings, I got her to help diversify the company offerings by setting up a new service.

We had never done it before. 

It was interesting to see her concerns.

We don’t know how to do it? What if the client finds out? What if the client asks a question that we don’t know how to answer? What happens if we get it wrong?

This is a natural place I call: “fear of the unknown“.

Trial and error will teach us. We learn through experience. We gain expertise through experience.

We learnt together. We learnt quickly.

Later down the road, my wife started testing new services. Without me know or ask.

She learnt to conquer the fear of the unknown. She now takes steps in her own business. Creating products and testing responses in the market.

Don’t let that fear hold you back. Using Continual improvement enables you to learn and make things work. Better.