Chapter 1: Let’s get started

Starting my philosophy off, at this point we need to work together on building a common understanding.


Their needs to be a willingness to learn on your side in order for this process to work.

I am here to offer empowerment to anyone who can read this (for now). The plan is to make this content teachable and reachable in different languages.

For now, though, we have to stick to my mother tongue. English.

My intent is to show a different way of thinking. A different way to look at life. A different perspective.

My way/philosophy is not the only way. It is just a way that works for me.

Hopefully, by being teachable, I can get you to start asking questions differently. Get you to think outside of the box you know and look at the box from my perspective.

You don’t have to agree with me. I just want you to think (more) about life.

So, getting started, I need to set a basic understanding of where we can work from.

You need to agree with me on the following facts so that we can proceed:

1. A brain is a powerful tool.
2. Your brain has so much potential.
3. You are about to embark on a learning experience.

If you are in agreement with the above, let’s proceed with the understanding that a brain is a powerful tool.

Later on, I do not want to hear the excuse “I am not clever enough”, “I didn’t get far enough in school to be able to think like this”. You are the master of your brain. You are the gatekeeper to your mind.

You have a choice. You are worthy and you are able.

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